CEO India

Worldwide pool of certified top executives and interim managers

iCEO™ certification profile :

Proven track record of at least 10 to 15 years as successful international top executive or entrepreneur with strong credentials and board member referrals

Excellence in leadership and ability to quickly gain respect and credibility within a team and ability to analyse and model businesses in a very restricted time frame

Strong academic accomplishment (BA/MA or MBA or PHD) with fluency in English in addition to the mother tongue

CEO Europe’s committment :

Short list and presentation of candidates out of CEO Europe’s pool of certified executives within in 1 week in any covered country

Free search request for Interim Manager

You are an Interim Manager or Top Executive and looking for a new position?

Only the candidates who successfully complete the CEO Europe selection and qualification process are iCEO™ certified and will be offered:
Interim Management assignments and/or permanent positions matching their respective experience and expectations. Any candidates registered as iCEO business investor will also be offered suitable assignments where the executive position can be combined with a suitable investment opportunity.

You can send your current interim management needs and CEO Europe will do the search for you and send you a free selection of interim manager profiles.

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